Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Premixed paint : Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many artists on whether the lead to premix the colors on the panel or 'group', and then draw a panel of strong opinions. First, acute otitis media does not mean that the paint from scratch, but for some colors, or even only one, after, Äôve determine what work will be the main colors. Then, you do not, Ali Osman of the process of mixing colors to deal with these paintings. For example, if you are apple green in the incidence of still life painting, you can mix a large amount of green you are, Äôve decide to use, so you throughout the process, and laid to rest. I do not, in a letter to the law have strong feelings one way or another, and behind this, but here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of mixing your own color:

Advantages: It can be easier to maintain and because of you, Äôll always start with the same color, and color can be reduced or set the color of dark areas of paint before the main mixed to create a constant value.

Disadvantages: The picture you see are mainly on the recognition, and color is changing rapidly and dramatically. Has accepted the use of colors mixed makes it difficult to resolve changes the color of the light and delicate that occur.

Career: you do not, Ali Osman to control or to return to square one every time you run the color. Mixing means that you can stay in the implementation does not attempt to re-establish the color, you, Äôve out of your vision and focused.

Disadvantages: can be a variety of colors premixed crutches. May be hard to stick with the colors around, rather than adapt to the mixing seen.

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